Debayte rumbles into Miami

On Saturday, something special happened. We started off our season this past  weekend at Braddock High School in Miami. We began in the cafeteria, prepping, saying hello to old friends and new, and getting tournament ready (can anyone say blush bomb?! And who knew Gus Duran could tie such a mean knot!)


Before the tournament could truly be considered underway, we went out into the courtyard to do warm-ups, which get us ready to face the day, body and mind. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on such classics as “The Little Red Wagon,” tried and true tongue twisters, and our final team cheer.


The day began early with rounds starting at 8 and 8:30.Throughout the day our varsity team members helped our novice members traverse their first tournament of the year with poise and professionalism.


Over the course of a day with as many as five rounds, our team members kept up their energy and reported back that they were “feeling great!” By 5:30p, all rounds were done and we had but to wait for the awards ceremony to begin.


Meanwhile, in North Carolina, our fellow team members Ethan Silvey and Andrew Briceno, junior Public Forum debaters, were waiting to walk into their first bid round of the year (a huge feat!) and learned they had received 3rd and 15th speaker, respectively, in the entire PF field at Wake. They were ranked 4th overall going into elimination rounds. Ethan and Andrew lost in the Octo (top 16) finalist round on Monday morning.


Back in Miami, awards were getting underway.

In Congress, sophomore Ambreen Imran took 2nd place in her chamber.

In Dramatic Presentation (DI and HI combined), senior Maya Hedrick took 1st place.

In Original Interpretation, senior Aetedal Odeh took 3rd place.

In Program Oral Interpretation, Aetedal took 1st place and senior Sterling Wertanzl took 3rd.

In her first ever tournament, freshman Maria Duran won Top Novice in POI.

In Original Oratory, sophomore Noah Rabinovich won 1st place, #lit.

In Extemp junior Gus Duran took 3rd place, junior Dylan Lyon took 5th place, and senior Brian Levy took 6th.

Also in Extemp, and in his first ever tournament, freshman Tristan Wertanzl won Top Novice.

In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Kavya Sarin won 1st place to round out our awards and our champions!


The coaches want to acknowledge all the work of the team both here at Braddock and in North Carolina at Wake Forest this weekend and can’t wait for Flying L at Fort Lauderdale HS in two weeks!


At the end of the day, exhausted mentally and physically, we can say with confidence that we are starting to come together as a family, and a team for this school year, seamlessly integrating our new recruits and further strengthening our varsity members’ bond. The coaches can’t wait to see what the rest of the tournament calendar has in store for our squad—Lightning’s about to strike, woo!


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