Debayte Sweeps coast to coast

Cypress Debayte competed and won in THREE times zones this weekend. Debayters competed at Harvard, UC Berkeley and University Nebraska. We were the ONLY school to have received bids to the Tournament of Champions on one weekend in three different places. Please join me in congratulating the following students on their success across the country this weekend.
Harvard: We took three congressional debaters to one of the most prestigious invitational tournaments of the year. Competing over 3 days against 500 other students from 22 different states, our girls came out on top. Hannah Gutner (senior) was 3rd place in Congressional Debate, Ambreen Imran (sophomore) was in the Top 20 Congressional Debaters and Daniella Paretti (junior) was a semi-finalist. Overall, the team won 7th place sweepstakes. This is a particularly notable accomplishment since they were competing against squads of 20+ members.
Nebraska: Our senior public forum team of Maeghanan Fitzgerald and Sharan Sawlani were invited to the prestigious Milo Cup Round Robin and Invitational. Not only did they earn their 2nd bid to the Tournament of Champions, but were also one of the top 10 teams at the debate tournament.
Berkeley: We took 45 Debayters to UC Berkeley this weekend as well. We won 8th overall sweepstakes competing against 197 schools. Noah Kaner/Matthew Norman (freshmen) won Junior Varity Public forum, beating over 300 other teams. Josh Gavsie (freshmen) placed 2nd place in Junior Varsity Lincoln Douglas debate. Mackenzie Hirsh (juniors) was awarded 4th speaker overall in Public Forum debating, beat over 700 individual competitors. Tyler Kotler (junior) was awarded 7th speaker overall in Policy debate, beating over 650 individual competitors.
We also received the following awards:
Shrenik Bhansali/Elijah Reisman (freshmen) were in the Top 8 of JV policy debate 
Mackenzie Hirsh/Liraz Stillman (Juniors) were in the Top 16 of Public Forum Debate, competing against over 350 other teams
Charlie Seldin/Jeremy Cohen (freshmen) were ranked in the Top 16 of JV policy debate
Gustavo Duran (Junior) place in the top 16 of Impromptu speaking, and the top 20 of Extemporaneous Speaking
Roberto Fernandez/Reilly Markowitz (seniors) were in the Top 30 of Policy Debate, competing against over 400 other debaters
Ethan Silvey/Andrew Briceno (juniors) were in the Top 30 of Public Forum Debate, competing against over 350 other teams
Doug Sandler/Corey Steinman (freshmen) were ranked in the Top 30 of JV Policy debate
Jose Quinones (sophomore) and Kian Bagherlee (sophomore) both placed in the Top 20 of Impromptu speaking

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