deBAYte wins a national championship


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Cypress Debayte returned late Tuesday night from the National Tournament of Champions in Lexington Kentucky. This was one of our two national tournaments to end our season. Debaters work all year to qualify to this national tournament, and only the top competitors are invited to compete. 17 of our debayters were invited to compete at the Tournament of Champions. Our students competed against 1,000+ students from 40+ states and 4 countries.

We are proud to announce that Cypress Debayte won. We have a  National Champion in Oral Interpretation, Sterling Wertanzl (senior).. We could not be prouder of her accomplishments, and thisfirst for Cypress Debayte. Please be sure to congratulate her if you see her, I’ve attached a few photos of the weekend as well.  Additionally, we have 7 other debaters rank in the top 30 of their respective events.  Please join me in congratulating the following students on a great season and outstanding accomplishments at the National Tournament of Champions.


Brian Levy (senior) was 10th place in Extemporaneous Speaking

Daniel Gamboa (senior) was 13th place in Extemporaneous Speaking

Aetedal Odeh (senior)  placed 17th in Oral Interpretation

Zachary Wurtenberger (junior) placed 18th in Humorous Interpretation

Hannah Gutner (senior) placed in the top 20 of Congressional Debate

Roberto Fernandez (senior) was 23rd speaker in Policy Debate, and his partner Reilly Markowitz (senior)was 26th speaker.


Many of our seniors will be competing in collegiate Speech and Debate. All of our seniors competing next year have received partial or full scholarships based upon their success with Cypress Debayte. Brian Levy & Aetedal Odeh will compete at George Mason University, Sterling Wertanzl at Hillsdale College, Roberto Fernandez at Wake Forest University and Reilly Markowitz at Indiana University. We could not be prouder of our debayters this year.


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