deBAYnquet + End of the Year 2017

Ahoy Debayte Family,
In 2013, the debayte team hosted the first deBAYnquet and celebrated many of our team successes. Five years later, we have grown from the 70-person squad to an electrifying 175-person debayte team, but some things have not have changed. Lightning is still striking across the country and we are continuing the tradition of celebrating the phenomenal accomplishments of our team. The 2016-2017 season started off with many “firsts” for debayte. As we said, “see you soon” to Ms. West who moved to the District, we welcomed Mr. Martin and Ms. Arnold into our debayte family. While, Mr. Martin had been a long-time external coach, we are incredibly thankful to see him daily. They are both integral parts to our successful first year together.

A few of our successful “firsts” this year include: taking 17 competitors to the Tournament of Champions, qualifying policy teams to the TOC, taking home a TOC National Championship, two Novice State Championships, three national invitational championships and over two dozen local tournament championships. In addition, we will be taking 13 debayters to the NSDA National Championship in Birmingham and look forward to celebrating many more firsts in Sweet Home Alabama.

Also special congratulations to our special award recipients.
Rising Star: Noah Kaner, Alicia Marrero-Riera, Matthew Norman, and Tristan Wertanzl
MVP: Brian Levy
Legacy: Roberto Fernandez, Reilly Markowitz, Emily Wen, and Sterling Wertanzl
Audre Lorde Advocate Award: Hannah Gutner

We wished “Bon Voyage” to our 19 seniors, one of our largest Debayte classes to date. These seniors are a special group. They have been the foundation of this team for 4 years, and have dedicated their blood, sweat, and tears to our debayte family, ensuring people are afraid of thunder. They will hold a special place in our hearts and in team history. Specifically …

Brian Bosem: Duke University
Shawn Dermer: Northeastern University
Roberto Fernandez: Wake Forest University **
Maeghanan Fitzgerald: Pennsylvania State University
Daniel Gamboa: University of Florida
Hannah Gutner: University of Florida
Blake Hanan: Vanderbilt University
Brian Levy: George Mason **
Reilly Markowitz: Indiana University**
Eli Nir: University of Florida
Aetedal Odeh: George Mason **
Sharan Sawlani: University of Central Florida
Alex Schein: Indiana University
Samantha Srebnick: University of Florida
Marc Valancy: Kelly Business School, Indiana University
Alice Viera: Stanford University
Emily Wen: University of Florida
Sterling Wertanzl: Hillsdale College**
Melanie Xia: University of Miami

The debaynquet served as a formal way to recognize the incredible accomplishments of the team and collaborative history that has been written this year. Team members, parents, family, friends, and Cypress Bay administrators, on behalf of Mr. Martin, Mr. Montecalvo, Ms. Arnold, and the entire Cypress Debayte extended coaching staff, thank you for your continued dedication to the electric excellence we are lucky enough to harness year after year! Cheers to many more!

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