deBAYte ranked Top 10 in the country!

Cypress Debayte returned from NSDA Nationals earlier this week. We took 13 competitors that represented the top 3% of the competition from the entire country. By the end of the week, our district and Cypress Debayte were undoubtedly one of the top in the country. Our district had finalists in almost every single event. We are so proud to be a part of #DebateBroward and Cypress Debayte!

Cypress Debayte was also recognized as one of the top ten Speech and Debate schools in the country! This award is given to schools that perform the best in speech and debate at the NSDA national tournament. We are especially proud of this award because all members of the team contributed to the achievement of it!! Jenee Cidel (rising senior) was 2nd place in Program Oral Interpretation, making her the first interp finalist we’ve had in our 6 years. The policy debate team of Tyler Kotler and Lance Kotler (both rising seniors) were ranked 10th in the country for debate, another first for our squad.

Please also join me in congratulating the following students …

Daniel Gamboa (graduated senior) was on the Broward Manatee District Team who was ranked Top 4 in the country

Maya Hedrick (rising senior) was Top 12 in Prose Interpretation

Brian Levy (graduated Senior) and Gustavo Duran (rising senior) were in the Top 30 of Extemporaneous Speaking

Noah Rabinovitch (rising junior) was in the Top 30 of Informative Speaking

Emily Wen (graduated senior), Hannah Kang (rising senior), Miles Berger (rising junior), and Shrenik Bhansali (rising sophomore) all broke to the Top 60 of their respective speech and debate events.

Next up, debate camp!

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