Debayte Takes the Windy City by Storm

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Just before the break, we took 36 Debayters to the Windy City to compete against some of the best in the country. I am proud to announce we certainly came out on top. We won two championships, and received 2nd place overall as a team! Maya Hedrick and Jenee Cidel (seniors) are the Duo Interp Champions and Cory Wurtenberger (sophomore) is the Informative Speaking Champion. This is a huge accomplishment as the Glenbrooks tournament is considered the “Fall Nationals.” Please join me in congratulating the following students on their accomplishments as well:

Jenee Cidel (senior) placed 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation
Maya Hedrick (senior) placed 4th in Dramatic Interpretation
Noah Rabinovitch (junior) placed 7th in Original Oratory AND in the Top 25 of Informative Speaking
Ambreen Imran (junior) placed 9th in Congressional Debate

Ella Laurent (freshmen), and Elijah Reismen (sophomore) placed in the Top 12 of Policy Debate
Jose Quinones (junior) and Gustavo Duran (senior) placed in the Top 25 of Extemporaneous Speaking
Miles Berger (junior) and Shrenik Bhansali (sophomore) placed in the Top 50 of Policy Debate.

Next up, we will be taking a small but fabulous group to DC for the George Mason Patriot Games, where we will also get to say hi to some of our Debayte Alumni, and the rest will compete locally at Coral Springs High School and Carrolton School of the Sacred Heart.


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