Debayte stormed the Sunvitational! #operationskimboard

Debayte started their 2018 year with the NSU Sunvitational. We began our tournament on Friday the 12th at the NSU Invitation only Round Robin, Gus Duran (senior), and Jenee Cidel (senior) won their respective events and Noah Rabinovitch placed second in Original Oratory. This was against the top 12 competitors in each event from across the country.

 On that Saturday, Debayte took 93 kids to the NSU Sunvitational Tournament, where they competed with 1400 students from 7 different states. Debayte came away with FOUR Championship titles. Jenee Cidel (senior)won Dramatic Interpretation and Duo Interpretation with her partner Maya Hedrick (senior)Jose Quinones (junior) won Extemporaneous Speaking, and Josh Gavsie (sophomore) won Lincoln Douglas Debate. This is the most championship titles we’ve ever received at the NSU Sunvitational! On top of the 4 championships we also had numerous other placings. WE BROKE THE DEBATE RECORD OF 3 SKIMBOARDS.

Please join me in congratulating those students as well, our coaching staff is so incredibly proud of our whole team …

 Jenee Cidel (senior) placed 2nd in Program Oral Interpretation

Jose Quinones (junior) placed  2nd in Impromptu Speaking

Tristan Wertanzl (sophomore) placed 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking

Lau Rodriguez (junior) placed 6th in Program Oral Interpretation

 The following students placed in the top 12 of their events: Cory Wurtenberger (sophomore – Informative Speaking), Tristan Wertanzl (sophomore – Impromptu Speaking), Susana Denis (junior – Impromptu Speaking), Shrenik Bhansali (sophomore – Lincoln Douglas debate), Charlie Seldin (sophomore – Lincoln Douglas Debate), Ethan Silvey/Andrew Briceno (senior – Public Forum Debate), Lance Kotler/Tyler Kotler(seniors – Public Forum Debate), Noah Romo/Fabiola Sepulveda (sophomores – Public Forum Debate)

The following students placed in the top 25 of their events: Daniella Paretti (senior – Congressional Debate), Ambreen Imran (junior – Congressional Debate), Matthew Liebman (sophomore – Congressional Debate), Gustavo Duran (senior – Impromptu Speaking & Extemporaneous Speaking), Susana Denis (junior – Extemporaneous Speaking), Andres Baute (junior – Impromptu Speaking), Samantha Haydu(junior – Impromptu Speaking), Sil Gamboa (freshmen – Impromptu Speaking), Hunter Tomich (senior – Informative Speaking), Noah Rabinovitch (junior – Informative Speaking), Jonathan Lun (sophomore – Informative Speaking), Maria Duran (sophomore – Informative Speaking), Alexia Cosman (sophomore – Program Oral Interpretation), Alicia Marrero-Riera (sophomore – Program Oral Interpretation), Jose Quinones (junior – Original Oratory), Valentina Villaroel (junior – Original Oratory)

Up next, we are taking a small but mighty group of debayters to Emory University!


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