DeBAYte Hits Home Run & Makes Team History at Nationals

Just this past week, in our own backyard, the sky was set alight by lighting. The team of 22 electrifying team members competed in what is undoubtedly one of the most, challenging tournaments of the season. Our team struck hard and fast in every round. Thus, it is no wonder that we had immense success and have yet another achievement to add to our team’s record book. 

For the first time in Debayte history, one of our very own took a championship title from the NSDA National Tournament. After taking the final stage in Program Oral Interpretation last year, making Debate & Speech history across the country with unmatched consistency this season and leading our team through one the most successful years since the its founding, Jenee Cidel has once again astounded us all. As a team, we are overjoyed to have had the privilege of having her on this team and watching her flourish into the winner that she is.

Accompanying this momentous achievement, we had success across the board. This is evidenced by our stellar performance as a team. Maintaining a rank among the top 10 teams in the country, the only school from Florida on this prestigious list, we remain a force to be reckoned with. Competing among the absolute best from all across the country, please join us in congratulating those who have once again proved that our teams consists of the best of the best… 

Gustavo Duran (Senior) placed 9th in International Extemporaneous Speaking

Tristan Wertanzl (Sophomore) place 6th in Impromptu Speaking

Noah Rabinovitch (Junior) placed 12th in Expository Speaking

Ambreen Imran (Junior) placed 14th in Congressional Debate

Ethan Silvey (Senior) & Andrew Briceno (Senior) placed top 30 in Public Forum Debate

Cory Wurtenberger (Sophomore) placed top 30 in Informative Speaking

Miles Berger (Junior) & Shrenik Bhansali (Sophomore) placed top 60 in Policy Debate

Aileen Flores (Sophomore) placed top 60 in Program Oral Interpretation

Tristan Wertanzl (Sophomore) placed top 60 in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Jenesis Williams (Freshman) placed top 60 in Original Oratory

We would also like to take this time to thank our Manateer honor crew for making this tournament run as smoothly as it could have along with those who made donations and our fabulous parent volunteers. Without you, our team would fall apart. We hope everyone has an amazing summer as our members continue to grow as competitors. This season was, without question, historic as we thundered across the nation. Although the weather forecast is not out for the next two months, we can assureyou that by August lighting will most certainly strike again.


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