Lightning Strikes Across The Country With Team Members At Camp

Over the course of the summer, our team members have been traveling to all sorts of locations for one of the best learning and social experiences that debate has to offer: camp. With members at debate camps like NDF, and speech camps such as ISD, CBI, and GMIF, our deBayters are learning a whole lot this summer! Boston, Fairfax, and Davie were not ready for how much talent and willingness to learn that our member had to offer. Congratulations to Jose Quinones for finaling at the ISD Camp Tournament, and riding varsity member Ella Laurent for WINNING the DDlx Tournament! Finalists at the CBI Camp Tournament include none other than our own Noah Rabinovitch, CHAMPION Jenesis Williams, Francesco Furnari, and Ryan Bazail in the Semifinals! At NDF, partners Fabiola Sepulveda and Matt Norman lit up the sky in making it to the Semifinals of their camp tournament. At the Samford Debate Camp, Garrett Bishop and incoming 9th grader Brett were found WINNING their camp tournament! It’s really STRIKING to see just how much our team is learning and mastering this summer! Scroll down to see a gallery of pictures showing just how much fun our members are having at camp this year!




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