Cypress DeBAYte Takes Flying L Local By Storm!

Cypress Bay really showed what it was like to start the season off in the best way possible! Although it was only a local, our team was less than hesitant to show off this weekend. This was the first Saturday tournament for many of the novices, and our #DeBaybies really did make us all proud parents, with results like Noah Laurent placing 6th in Novice Dramatic Performance, and David Passarini placing 5th in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate! Even our varsity members shook the ground this weekend at Fort Lauderdale High School, taking many places, and even a few champions. We also got to see some very missed alumni, Andrew Briceno and Sharan Sawlani, who decided to visit and offer some extra support for their team! Overall, this tournament marked the first of many where just about everyone was tired of hearing the name “Cypress Bay,” and this team is ready for so much more to come. See below for full tournament results!


Novice Dramatic Performance: 

Noah Laurent (6th place)


Novice Original Oratory: 

Tess Segal (4th place)


Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate:

David Passarini (5th place)

Max Levinson (6th place)


Novice Policy:

Pavel Shilenko and Brett Baldwin (5th place)

Jordana Kotler and Gowri Abhinanda (6th place)


Novice Public Forum:

Grace Baek and Priya Khatri (6th place)


Novice Student Congress: 

Nicholas Cardenas (2nd place)


Varsity Dramatic Performance:

Maria Duran (4th place)


Varsity Original Oratory:

Jenesis Williams (2nd place)

Cory Wurtenberger (4th place)

Kaylin Ambrose (6th place)


Varsity Informative Speaking:

Cory Wurtenberger (CHAMPION)

Tristan Wertanzl (5th place)


Varsity Mixed Extemporaneous Speaking:

Jose Quinones (CHAMPION)

Tristan Wertanzl (4th place)


Varsity Public Forum:

Fabiola Sepulveda and Matthew Norman (5th place)

Noah Kaner and Noah Romo (6th place)


Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate:

Charlie Seldin (5th place)

Garrett Bishop (6th place)




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