Yet Another Successful Weekend for Debayte!

Just a couple of minutes away from our team’s home, we displayed our unparalleled talent at the Nova Titan Invitational. This event may have lasted only one day, but this was not one day’s worth of work. All of our competitors’ hard work at debate camp, practices, office hours and debate classes certainly paid off; it definitely shows in the results from this weekend. We championed multiple events, acquired an astounding number of TOC bids and had Debayte represented in almost every outround. So, please join us in congratulating these commendable competitors that showed off their skills this weekend:

Tristan Wertanzl (Junior): Extemporaneous Speaking CHAMPION & Informative Speaking CHAMPION

Noah Rabinovitch (Senior): Original Oratory CHAMPION & 4th in Informative Speaking

Ambreen Imran (Senior): Congressional Debate CHAMPION

Lau Rodriguez (Senior): 3rd in Informative Speaking

Daniel Shepard (Sophomore): 4th in Original Oratory

Sil Gamboa (Sophomore): 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking

Francesco Furnari (Sophomore): Seminalist in Congressional Debate

Gbemi Awonusonu & Sionika Thayagabalu (Sophomores): Quarterfinalists in Public Forum

Nicolas Smith (Senior) & Anwesh Katragadda (Sophomore): Octofinalists in Public Forum

These results are what every team across the country strives for. With members as capable as ours, we cannot wait until lighting strikes New York this week and impresses all of us once again!




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