Cypress Debayte Wins UF Debate Tournament For The Third Year In a Row!

Our team is nothing if not consistent, especially when it comes to winning. We are extremely proud to announce that, for the third year running, we have won team sweepstakes at the Florida Blue Key Debate Tournament, placing us as the best team out of  over 100 schools from across the country! It is no surprise that we kept our streak given the endless talent, determination and dedication of our stellar competitors. Without further ado, let’s congratulate the students that made it possible for us to take home this huge accomplishment once again:

Noah Rabinovitch (senior) was CHAMPION in Original Oratory

Tristan Wertanzl (junior) was CHAMPION in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Jordana Kotler & Gowri Abhinanda (freshmen) Novice Policy Debate CHAMPIONS

Jenesis Williams (sophomore) 2nd place in Informative Speaking

Jose Quinones (senior) placed 2nd in Domestic Extemporaneous AND 3rd in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Jonathan Lun (junior) 2nd place in Original Oratory

Pavel Shilenko (sophomore) and Brett Baldwin (freshmen) 2nd in Policy Debate

Ambreen Imran (senior) 3rd place in Congressional Debate

Grace Baek & Priya Khatri (freshmen) 3rd Place in Novice Public Forum

Daniel Shepard  (sophomore) 3rd place in Original Oratory

Gregory Cohen  & Sean Behling (Freshmen) 4th Place in Novice Public Forum

Cory Wurtenberger (junior) 5th Place in Original Oratory

Jenesis Williams (sophomore) & Alexia Cosman (junior) 6th place in Duo Interpretation

Top 25 in their respective events: Tanish Bandrea (freshmen – Lincoln Douglas Debate), Nicole Buckley (junior – Lincoln Douglas Debate), Jose Quinones (senior – Original Oratory). Joseph Mullen (junior – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking & Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking), Jason Tache (senior – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking), Tristan Wertanzl (junior – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking), Alexia Cosman (junior – Humorous Interpretation), Jessica Barnes (freshman – Humorous Interpretation), Maria Duran (junior – Dramatic Interpretation & Informative Speaking), Aileen Flores (junior – Program Oral Interpretations), Alicia Marrero-Riera (junior – Program Oral Interpretation), Valentina Villarroel (senior-Program Oral Interpretation), Gus Lanz (junior- Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking)

Top 60 in their respective events: Jared Schaffer & David Mellman (sophomore – Public Forum Debate), Matthew Norman & Fabiola Sepulveda (juniors- Public Forum Debate), Gbemi Awononsonu & Sionika Thayagablu (sophomore – Public Forum Debate), Francesco Furnari (sophomore – Congressional Debate), Jenesis Williams (sophomore – Original Oratory), Kaylin Ambrose (senior-Original Oratory),  Valentina Villarroel (senior-Original Oratory), Tess Segal (freshman-Original Oratory), Blaise Ramirez (senior – Informative Speaking), Veronica Macias (sophomore- Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking & Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking)

Thank you to everyone who competed, chaperoned and contributed to this team; it is because of you that a storm brews everywhere we go. The windy city better get ready for a severe weather alert, because they’re up next.


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