Lightning Strikes at NSU’s Sunvitational!

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of competing in of the biggest national tournaments of the year minutes away from our home. Our debaters stormed NSU University School on Friday, and continued to impress all weekend long. The results from the Sunvitational were outstanding: proving once again that our team is one of the best in the country. #OperationSkimboard was a complete success as we took home championships in Original Oratory and Extemporaneous Speaking, and we got our first two debate bids to the Tournament of Champions of the year!

As always, this would not be possible without the effort of our fierce competitors. They truly put their best foot forward by spending the last weekend of winter break at our annual work weekend, performing at school and practicing with the coaches after school. We are lucky to have such a talented group and hope that you join us in congratulating their accomplishments from this weekend:

Cory Wurtenberger (Junior) Champion of Original Oratory and top 12 in Informative Speaking and top 24 Extemporaneous Speaking

Joseph Mullen (Junior) Champion of Extemporaneous Speaking

Ambreen Imran (Senior) placed 2nd in Congressional Debate

Miles Berger (Senior) & Josh Gavsie (Junior)  placed 2nd in Public Forum

Fabiola Sepulveda (Junior) & Matthew Norman (Junior) placed 3rd in Public Forum

Tristan Wertanzl (Junior) placed 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking and 2nd in Impromptu Speaking

Jose Quinones (Senior) placed 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking and 3rd in Impromptu Speaking

Susana Denis (Senior) placed 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking and 4th in Impromptu Speaking

Sil Gamboa (Sophomore) placed 6th in Impromptu Speaking

Zhuoqi Cai (Junior) placed top 12 in Duo Interpretation, top 12 in Program Oral Interpretation and top 24 in Original Oratory

Noah Rabinovitch (Senior) placed 5th in Original Oratory

Jenesis Williams (Sophomore) placed top 12 in Informative Speaking

Daniel Shepard (Sophomore) placed top 12 in Original Oratory

Gus Lanz (Junior) placed top 12 in Extemporaneous Speaking

Maria Duran (Junior) placed top 12 in Dramatic Interpretation

Veronica Macias (Junior) placed top 12 in Impromptu Speaking

Aileen Flores (Junior) placed top 24 in Dramatic Interpretation

Maria Torrealba (Sophomore) placed top 24 in Dramatic Interpretation

Talia Cohen (Junior) placed top 25 in Congressional Debate

Gbemi Awonsonlu (Sophomore) & Sionika Thayagabalu (Sophomore) placed top 25 in Public Forum

It was quite an eventful weekend and we cannot wait for our next tournaments. We hope Lexington High School is ready for some lightning, because that’s where we’re headed next!


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