Debaybies show off their new skills at Novice States!

Last weekend, we took the youngest members of Cypress Debayte to a long-awaited tournament: FFL Novice States. All the best first-year debaters across the state of Florida put what they’ve learned throughout the year to the test and began their official transition to becoming varsity debaters. It can be said without a doubt that our novices were ready for their moment to shine. They’ve competed in varsity pools since August, even at a national level! We simply cannot be prouder of their efforts and accomplishments.

After months and months of running drills, prepping speeches and performing for varsity and coaches as well as attending some of the hardest tournaments the nation has to offer, everyone’s efforts have certainly paid off. With that being said, we it would love it if you would join us in congratulating these impressive individuals:

Nicholas Cardenas and Sarah Brophy placed in the TOP 50 of over 100 Congress Debaters!

Fabio Barros, JunWoo Park, David Passarini, Emmett Rosenblum, and Tanish Bandre placed in the TOP 32 of Novice Lincoln Douglas Debaters!

Greg Cohen and Sean Behling placed in the TOP 30 in Public Forum Debate!

Sachitaa Senthilkumar placed in the TOP 24 Extempers!

Vishal Suresh placed in the TOP 24 of Humorous Interpreters!

Ben Stone placed in the TOP 24 Extempers and TOP 12 of Original Orators!

Kai Amarante placed in the TOP 12 of Informative Speakers!

Priya Khatri and Grace Baek placed in the TOP 8 teams!

Gowri Abhinanda and Gabby Charry placed in the TOP 4 of the Policy Teams!

Colin Morrill and Mateo Aristizabal placed in the TOP 4 teams in Public Forum Debate!

Danna Leyton placed in the TOP 24 of Original Orators and 5th in Extemporaneous speaking!

Jason Tache placed 3rd in Informative speaking and 4th in Extemporaneous speaking!

We are so happy about our novices’ performance and cannot wait to see what they will do as future Debayters. Now that our youngest have shown off their talents at Novice States, it’s time for our seasoned champions to do the same. Kentucky better be ready for an electrifying week of performances and debates because the Tournament of Champions is next!


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