Incoming 9th Graders (Future #Debaybies)

Coming into Cypress Bay as a freshman can be intimidating. In a sea of thousands of students, it can be tough to find the people you click with. Cypress Debayte offers a great way to form these friendships, friendships that last a lifetime, while you grow as a student, speaker, and person

Besides being with some of the best students the Bay has to offer, you can travel across the country. Every year, we travel from coast to coast. Just in your freshman year you have the opportunity to compete in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco! That is just a taste of what places you can visit if you continue on to Varsity; you’ll have a great time at any of our travel tournaments with an opportunity to travel almost any time of the year you choose.

 There are so many reason to join our team, many included in our video below. However, the absolute best part of being one of the Debaybies is learning how to use your voice. Our competitors delve into complicated topics and develop sophisticated opinions in a variety of ways. Whether you prefer direct refutation, platform speaking or dramatic performance, there is an event for you to find your medium and explore a variety of social, ethical, and political issues facing us today. Any of them will undoubtedly help you become an eloquent and impressive speaker.

If you’d like to join the best team in the state, one of the 10 best in the country and the family of countless national champions, fill out this form! 

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