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Travel Tracks

Below you will find the URLs and due dates of tournament registration for the next few months.


10/5-10/6: Nova Titan

10/20: CFL #1 West Broward

11/3: CFL 2 Miramar HS

11/16-11/19: Glenbrooks ($650)




All other local tournaments are $25 unless otherwise specified. That payment is due in 403 the Tuesday the week of the tournament. 

  • Price & payment Information forthcoming regarding state, district and national championship tournaments students may be invited to attend.
  • All payments will be made online through the Cypress Bay E-store (4% service fee will be added), or with cash/money order to 403.
  • Should payments decrease due to cost of tournament falling below the price stated, team will be notified 7 days prior to the final payment being due.
  • Deadlines/Amounts may change, should they change debaters will be given ample (at least 1 week) verbal and written notice about the change in the deadline.
  • Failure to pay on time will result in the in the student losing portions of the discounted travel rate (between $50 to $100). Ample reminders of payments will be given but it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to remember the deadline.